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Why choose mechanical over hydraulic?

  • With the latest Regulations digital control boards are ever more popular in the electric gate world. Safety using standard control boards consist of slowdown of motor, obstacle detect and force regulating. With electro mechanical these are achieved with complete control. Electro mechanical motors are controlled by amperage whilst still running at full voltage, the amperage rate is adjusted on the control board with this combination the results are accurate and consistant. Using the above methods on hydraulic systems is somewhat different. As hydraulics require its full voltage, pressures and forces are adjusted using valves. Many automation suppliers have tried to overcome this by sending impulse voltage at different speeds, unfortunatley hydraulics do not sustain consistant movement causing gates to run out of sink or not fully closing or more importantly inconsistent safety standards. To put it in more simple terms its like pumping oil from one chamber to another in pulses, each time different amounts of oil will be displaced, making it harder to control.
  • Although hydraulics can create very strong forces average range 2500Nu, mechanical can still produce up to 2000Nu. This may seem like a big difference, however all gate systems must run under the regulated 400Nu. With this in mind expensive hydraulics systems are not really required based on strength and size of a gate.
  • When automating a large gate wind resistance and gate motion can effect the flow of movement, this is more noticeable in hydraulics. When a hydraulic pump is displacing oil a gate under pressure can force oil to flow at different rates, this causes a bouncy motion of the gate. With mechanical the motor is driven at the same amperage rate and will push through any natural resistance leaving a smoother operation.
  • In the event of motor failure hydraulics can be very costly, most of the time a hydraulic motor will have to be replaced as not repairable. Mechanical motors are by far cheaper and can also have many spares replaced and very easy to do.
  • From a domestic point of view the mechanical motor runs far quieter and easily maintainable without costly on going repairs. So to make your home safe, secure at an affordable rate choose Mechanical everytime.

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