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Be the first!, Roger technology have now succesfully launched its new range of brushless automation products.  What this means? Since regulation changes most companies began to offer alternative low voltage 24v systems with slow down control, obstacle detect features and higher intensity usage.  At Roger technology we have taken the next step.  Brushless motors are used in many areas but now were the first to successfully integrate this in automation.  

Advantages of a brushless system?

Lower consumption whilst maintaining constant torque, Larger bearings replacing brushess, unlimited usage, great for constant use areas.

How it works?

A typical 24v system will have a single phase motor, the Roger Brushless motor is created in 3 sections, combined to make a single phase motor.  For example if you have 3 people around a large wheel this would be easier to turn and control the movement.  The motor is under a permanent neodymium magnet field, this is controlled by the digital control board.  Using encoder technology this allows the motor to have complete control especially in the slow down areas whilst maintaining a constant torque.  

The Roger B70/2DC/HP digital control board has over 90 settings to allow maximum control of any brushless gate or barrier system.  The most unique feature and first to introduce is obstacle detect.  All types of Roger brushless systems have the ability to detect against any obstacle whilst in mid travel, this can be adjusted within the digital control board.

Here are some useful links for video demonstrations:


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