KIT BH30/806 Sliding Gate Kit



KIT BH30/806
KIT Electromechanical BRUSHLESS motor, low voltage, super intensive use, with native encoder onboard, irreversible ideal for sliding gates up to 800-1000 Kg. with built-in digital controller B70 series, magnetic limit switch.

Ideal: for sliding gates with door up to max. 800-1000 kg.
Safe: due to encoder management it allows a precise and safe control of slowdowns when opening and closing.
Practical: automatically learns via the learning function of the control unit. Receiving radio with practical coupling.
Quick: to install and start due to its simple functions and its height and depth adjustments.
Strong: due to its sturdy aluminium base treated with anti-corrosive paint and a reliable Roger Brushless motor, mounted in dedicated housings and bearings. Equipped with a release lever with a safe and easy lock.