Swing Gates

Welcome to our full range of Roger Technology Swing Gate automation kits.  With new excited products including our Brushless low voltage range we can offer a complete system for the Domestic and Commercial Market.

The Launch of the new Brushless Technology is an exiting time for the automation industry, the unique advantages include low consumption with high power output, new safety obstacle detect during open and closing cycle, unlimited motor usage with no over heating issues.

We also continue to offer the same products in 240v format as the original systems have been proven reliable for over 30 years in the industry.  Roger Technology still continues to manufacture every component from raw materials and has a dedicated team bringing reliability and quality in every area.

We Distribute the full range of Roger Technology Products and can guarantee all of our kits and spare parts are 100% Roger Technology, we do not mix cheaper automation products or outsource any accessories which we strongly advise checking when looking for your system.